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About Carly & Dandelion Prints

Hey, I'm Carly, the creator and owner of Dandelion Prints.

Back in 2019, I fell poorly with something called Ankylosing Spondylitis - it made me so unwell and also resulted in me losing a chunk of my left lung. I could no longer attend a workplace role with regular hours.

After some research, I decided that my life was still my own and my illness could only take from me what I allowed so I started my own printing business all from home.

Being able to do things at my own pace, allowed my body to get the rest it needed and allowed my brain to stay creative meaning my mental health got better and better!

Four years on the business and it is growing year by year - I have new customers, new products and more creative ideas.

I provide printed and embroidered gifts and I specialise in business and branded workwear, but I also offer so much more to the public.

Please have a browse on my website and reach out to me even if it’s just to say hello!