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Personalised Ceramic Dog Bowl - Various Breeds Available

Personalised Ceramic Dog Bowl - Various Breeds Available

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Dandelion Prints has now branched into personalised pet products!

One of those new products is this ceramic dog bowl. Suitable for food or water but it is best to not clean these in the dishwasher as the heat can potentially re-activate the ink.

The sketch designs are very simple but extremely eye catching. All dog breed designs are sketch style with the dog appearing to be peeking over a wall.

These bowls measure;

Large - 7cm Deep x 18cm Diameter x 56cm Circumference

Small - 5cm Deep x 15cm Diameter x 47cm Circumference

To place your order simply choose your bowl size and dog breed then fill in the personalisation box with your pets name.

Dog breeds available are;

  1. Afghan Hound       
  2. Akita
  3. Alaskan malamute
  4. American Bulldog
  5. Staffy
  6. Anatolian Shepherd
  7. Australian Shepherd
  8. Beagle
  9. Bearded Collie
  10. Belgian Malinois
  11. Bernese Mountain dog
  12. Bichon Frise
  13. Bloodhound       
  14. Border Collie
  15. Borzoi
  16. Boston Terrier
  17. Boxer
  18. Bullmastiff
  19. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  20. Chihuahua
  21. Shar Pei
  22. Chow Chow
  23. Cocker Spaniel
  24. Corgi
  25. Corki
  26. Dachshund
  27. Dalmation
  28. Doberman
  29. English Bulldog
  30. English Pointer
  31. English Sheepdog
  32. Foxhound
  33. German Shepherd
  34. Greyhound
  35. Irish Setter
  36. Irish Wolfhound
  37. Italian Greyhound
  38. Labrador
  39. Maltese
  40. Miniature Pincher
  41. Papillon
  42. Pekinese
  43. Pitbull
  44. Pomeranian
  45. Poodle
  46. Pug
  47. Rottweiler
  48. Schnauzer
  49. Springer Spaniel
  50. Weimaraner
  51. Cockapoo
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